Friday, November 15, 2013

New Business Card Excitement!!

Hello everyone!
I'm so excited to show you my new business cards!! I had them delivered through VistaPrint, and I was able to design them in a "DIY" fashion through PicMonkey. I absolutely love PicMonkey. I used their photo-editing abilities back when they were PicNik, and they are still just as user-friendly. My header, Facebook Cover, and Etsy Banner were all created using PicMonkey. 

I knew I wanted to create my own business cards with my own "NoWayMommyCrafts" flare. I first did a quick Google search for "DIY business cards with PicMonkey" and came up with Heather's tutorial from She does a great job explaining PicMonkey and what she did to make her Business cars. Even if you’re a seasoned PicMonkey user, it’s always nice to have a "step by step" to keep you on track. 

Heather mentioned a different printing company for her business cards. I actually had a coupon from VistaPrint, so that was the best route for me! Overall I'm so pumped to have my business cards ready to go! 

Last night I got to put them into use! I provided the desserts for an Open House: Brownie Pops (Turtle, Andes Mints, & Rocky Road), Puppy Chow, & decorated Sugar Cookies. Although I don't usually create edibles for events (to much of it being a cake decorator for seven years) I'll make exceptions every once in a while. I did, however, use last night as an opportunity to advertise my Etsy shop. And business cards are always a necessity for quick advertisement! 

And to show you my portable advertisers... 

< ----- Front Side

   Back Side ----->

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know! And you if you have some tips/ideas to share feel free to comment!! Thanks!

-Danielle Kristine-

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