Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Welcome to my new blog!

A little about myself (and what you can expect to see)
I'm outgoing, crafty, crazy, a little OCD, kind of a perfectionist, and a mommy. I crochet, scrap book, paint, sew, cook and I'm a DIY fanatic! I have 3 cats, a puppy, the most amazing parents, a sweet irritating loving boyfriend, and the best son! I love life to the fullest. I know its not perfect, but that's what makes it fun! Thinking of all the people and what I love most in life actually is what lead me to rethink blogging.

This actually isn't my first blog. I've actually had a few. I've always had a problem in the past with the goal I want to set for a blog. I've blogged about being a mom, about just crafting, and even about being a student. The problem I ended up having: those are just aspects of my life. I can't pick a certain part of my life to talk about, instead I've decided to share all aspects, because they're all important to who I am.
I have recently decided (or re-decided) to take part in the 365 photo challenge (she has an amazing website that's really inspiring). I've tried in the past, but I didn't have a goal in mind (Are you seeing the trend in my life? lol). And then the inspiration occurred: Christmas is approaching, and because my son & boyfriend gave me the sweetest card after he pissed me off saying I love you, I've decided to take a picture everyday that says or displays the words "I Love You". By this time next year, a year worth of I Love You's, will be an amazing Christmas present! 

I'm so excited to get started! I've already taken my first picture!
This is the card my sweet boyfriend gave me to make up for show me he cares! 

Basic Goal: take a picture with "I Love You" somewhere in the scene. 
If you have any ideas or inspiration let me know! 

Thanks for coming by! And I hope you come back again to see all the crazy craftiness I have in store!  

-Danielle Kristine-

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