Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Household Craziness

It’s Monday again! I hope you had a great weekend. Here at NoWayMommy’s, we have had a hectic go of the last four days. I’m sorry Wednesday didn’t happen. My handsome, little, stubborn boy decided after Mommy made his Super costume that he didn’t want to be Super Man anymore. Now usually I would tell him that he has to stick with the choice he made, but his cap decided to make a disappearing act. In other words, my Wednesday was spent searching for a last minute Iron Man costume. And of course he was a cute little Iron Man!

It's been crazy around here, I apologize I wasn't able to meet that Wednesday deadline, but I'm hoping to show more soon!

If you have any awesome DIY tips you’d like to share, that’d be greatly appreciated!

                                                                                               -Danielle Kristine-

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